Using Employee Relations Data and Practices to Banish Racism










Diversity and inclusion are top of mind today across the workplace, while racial equality and equity now lead board and C-level agendas. CEOs are pledging cultures of trust and transparency. And employees have high expectations for safe, fair workplaces, free of harassment and bias.

These are lofty goals, and while most companies have taken public stands and made commitments to change, what’s still missing are concrete action plans for leaders to diagnose bias and racism in their organizations. To make real progress, organizations need to assess their current state and then make some bold decisions.

Change is driven through behaviors (what we do) and our embedded processes (how we do it). Organizations must hold themselves accountable by coming to terms with both. That requires putting in place the means to measure progress against established goals. 

Sure, you might already be looking at engagement scores, hiring information and pay metrics. But it’s your employee relations data that is the true treasure chest of invaluable data that will help you enact real change.

Here are five ways to use your ER data to move from words to action when it comes to identifying and rooting out racism and bias in your workforce.


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