TecHR Series Interview with Deb Muller, CEO at HR Acuity

    TecHRseries Interview with Deb Muller, CEO at HR Acuity


By Paroma Sen On Aug 11, 2020

Employee relations are just as crucial to the overall success of an organization as customer relations are. With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic increasing challenges for the workforce in several ways, maintaining a strong employee culture and improving team and staff relationships is at the forefront of priorities for global HR teams. A wholesome employee culture will have to comprise of more virtual processes as part of the “new normal”; so how can HR teams do this better?  Catch this complete interview where Deb Muller, CEO at HR Acuity shares some thoughts:


Tell us a little about yourself Deb, and how you ventured into the HR and employee relations segment…we’d love to hear about some key highlights from your journey so far! 
It definitely has been a journey! I first formed HR Acuity back in 2006, after many years working in corporate HR and employee relations. Workplace investigations had always been my favorite part of the role and I decided to start a business consulting as an investigator. What I found was astonishing. There was no consistent way of conducting employee investigations. Many companies weren’t documenting findings, or if they did, it was totally manual, and written in notebooks. Talk about insecure and inconsistent! I launched HR Acuity first as an investigations methodology and then as a technology platform to conduct and document employee relations and investigations. I literally drew it up in PowerPoint and then we built it!

That’s a few years ago now – today top enterprises like LinkedIn, Qualcomm, Lyft and so many more use our platform and our data and analytics to manage their employee issues. It helps them create better, safer cultures where employees are treated fairly, and risks are reduced by having all employee issues in one place. It’s our mission to create better places to work and everyone who works at HR Acuity lives that every day.

About five years ago, we also launched the Employee Relations Roundtable. It is the only professional community for employee relations leaders and meets in person twice a year. This year we will meet virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are also launching an online community. The Roundtable is an amazing group of thought leaders and they have been instrumental in helping each other lead through the recent pandemic. It is a privilege to work with them!

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Could you take us through some of the top highlights from HR Acuity’s most recent Employee Relations Benchmark Study… given this findings of this study: what top thoughts would you share with global organizations?

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